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Simmons, Dan

From the Hugo Award-winning author of the Hyperion Cantos comes the first book of a breathtaking new saga based on the themes of Homer’s The Iliad and Shakespeare’s The Tempest—a groundbreaking work from a “magnificently original” (Denver Post) writer

More than a decade ago, Dan Simmon’s Hyperion created a sensation among readers worldwide. The New York Times called the four Hyperion novels “an unfailingly inventive narrative that bears comparison with such classics as Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun.” Now, in this long-awaited return to epic science fiction, Simmons begins a new saga based on the themes of The Iliad and The Tempest.

With events set 3,000 years in the past and 2,500 years in the future, with action leaping from the volcanoes and terraformed oceans of Mars, to Jupiter space, to the Plains of Ilium during the Trojan War, to the wildly changed Earth of the distant future—in a story filled with characters like Caliban and Achilles and Helen of Troy, with immortal gods who may be neither immortal nor gods, with all-too mortal humans who might be much more than human—Ilium celebrates sf’s sense of wonder in a way few other tales have attempted. Full of action, passion, and intelligence sure to appeal to a diverse range of readers, Ilium explores the themes of fate, courage, friendship, duty and death on a heroic scale.

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