About Us

We are Tere & James Hyfield, a husband and wife team of book sellers chasing our dream of opening up a neighborhood book store in Baton Rouge, LA. We operate a pop-up model book shop, and have big dreams of finding a permanent home.  We recently took an exciting step toward this goal when we signed a lease on office space in Mid City, BR.  The plan is to take this tiny office space, and convert it in to a boutique-style book shop.  We hope to offer a special and unique space for fellow book lovers In our community to come together and connect over a shared love of all things books.  We believe in the power of storytelling, and offer a carefully curated selection of books that we hope inspires a love of reading.  While we aim to offer titles for all ages, we specialize in children’s books.


Photo Cred: James Peck, The Pixel House