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Big Dip Energy: 88 Parties in a Bowl for Snacking, Dinner, Dessert, and Beyond!

Big Dip Energy: 88 Parties in a Bowl for Snacking, Dinner, Dessert, and Beyond!

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Whitney, Alyse

Whitney, Alyse 

Alyse Whitney has been a Dip Queen for decades, making the writer, editor, Cosmopolitan food columnist, and TV host the perfect diplomat for this first-of-its-kind cookbook. Big Dip Energyoffers endless fun and easy ways to both entertain and enjoy solo with creative dips and dippers.

Dip is the world's universal love language, and dipficionada Alyse is here to teach you how to be fluent in Big Dip Energy. In this personality-filled, outrageously fun book, she shares her MVDs (most valuable dips and dippers), tips for dipceptively easy entertaining, and styling inspiration for the best #DipPics. Dip can turn any moment into a party, and helps turn strangers into friends as they gather 'round the bowl and dip into her twists on classics and innovative transformations of popular dishes to dips.

There's a diptionary to help break down the basics, and suggested modipfications offer alternatives to satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free dip fanatics. Plus, almost every recipe in the book is a one-pan wonder and takes less than 45 minutes from start to finish, including:

Caesar Salad Dip

  • , with romaine lettuce in the dip and as the dipper

 Death Breath Dip

  • , a slow-roasted allium dip in mint condition

 Crab Rangoon Dip

  • , with Rainbow Dumpling Chips or Wonton Lil' Scoopz

 This Dip Is Bananas

  • , a combination of banana bread, banana pudding, and bananas foster with an innovative


  • technique

 Chopped Cheese(burger) Queso

  • , a loaded cheesy dip inspired by the NYC bodega-favorite sandwich--complete with Hoagie Toasts!

 Drive-Thru Taco 7-Layer Dip

  • , an homage to Alyse's love of Taco Bell

 Saag Paneer Artichoke Dip

  • , filled with warm spices and perfectly paired with crispy paneer "dipsticks"

 Pizza Your Way Dip in a Garlic Knot Wreath

  • , with white and red sauce versions And much more!

Leave the party planning up to Big Dip Energy and get inspired to dip into the world of the undipfeated champion of party food.

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