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Ballad of Tubs Marshfield

Ballad of Tubs Marshfield

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Ballad of Tubs Marshfield

Hoffman, Cara

Fans of Katherine Applegate and Arnold Lobel will love this modern-day fable about a jovial singing frog named Tubs who helps his best friend, Lila, uncover the source of a mysterious illness that is spreading through their beloved Louisiana swamp.

There’s no other place Tubs Marshfield would rather be than singing a song in his perfect little swamp along the Louisiana bayou. The swamp is home to lots of animals who love hearing Tubs’s beautiful, deep voice, including his best friend and town doctor, Lila. His music can make anyone—even that grouchy Billy the duck—feel happy.

But something terrible is happening within the swamp that even Tubs’s songs can’t fix—and it’s making his neighbors feel sick! No one knows what to do, least of all Tubs. A mysterious prophecy may hold the key . . . or send Tubs away from his friends forever.

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