Big Nate: Mr. Popularity

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Peirce, Lincoln

Cheez Doodle fanatic. Master of pulling pranks. Cartooning expert. Big Nate knows fun. He may not be Joe Honor Roll, but Nate knows he’s meant for big things—REALLY big things.

Now Nate’s funnier than ever in Big Nate: Mr. Popularity, the fourth BRAND-NEW HarperCollins Big Nate comic-book compilation! Featuring over 200 strips and two bonus activities! Plus a sneak peek into the seventh Big Nate book!

And there’s big-time buzz—Big Nate was on the New York Times bestseller list for over 100 consecutive weeks; the Big Nate series has been licensed in twenty-five foreign deals so far and has sold nearly 6 million copies worldwide!

All Big Nate novels are also available as ebooks and audiobooks, and don't miss the Big Nate: Comix by U! app! You too can be a cartoonist just like Nate, with help from Lincoln Peirce!