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Strategy is child’s play in this friendly, adorable guide to Chess.

Classic games for playful babies—capture fun with every move in Gamer Baby: Chess!

This is a chess board and all its pieces.

Your goal is to capture the other king.

With this adorable baby book, it’s never too early for your little gamer’s opening move! Simple descriptions of game pieces—from pawns to rooks to queens—and vibrant characters make chess exciting and easy for all ages.

Learn how your knight can move like no other piece or jump over others to conquer enemies. From amateur to master, your baby gamer will soon be ready to sweep the board!

A glossy cover and delightful details throughout make this little board book perfect for baby showers or first story times. Clever strategy will have young chess players exclaiming “Checkmate!” So make your move and don’t forget: Win or lose, chess is fun to play. Let’s play again!

From Starry Forest Books, Gamer Baby invites little ones to play and discover adventurous new skills.