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Confusion: Volume Two of the Baroque Cycle

Confusion: Volume Two of the Baroque Cycle

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Confusion: Volume Two of the Baroque Cycle

Stephenson, Neal

The Baroque Cycle continues! The brilliant second volume in the epic adventure begun with New York Times bestseller Quicksilver

It is the late 1600s on the high seas. A group of Barbary galley slaves plot as they ply the oars of a pirate ship. These 10 men—unfortunates from around the world impressed into servitude—have heard whispers of an enormous cache of Spanish gold. Together, they hatch a daring scheme: escape their chains, seize a ship, and find the treasure. And, amazingly, they succeed…leaving some very unhappy men behind them, who vow to hunt down the vagabonds and bring them to justice, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…. The beautiful Eliza, toast of Versailles and spy extraordinaire, attempts to return to London with her baby, a child whose paternity remains a mystery. But, as she makes her way home from the Continent, her ship is stopped by a French privateer and she is returned to the Sun King’s court. Thrown back into a web of international intrigue, Eliza must contend with all manner of characters, including cryptographers, poisoners, Jesuits, financial manipulators, and the stray pirate or two.

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