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FGTeeV Presents: Into the Game!

FGTeeV Presents: Into the Game!

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YouTube family gaming sensation FGTeeV (11.3 million subscribers and 11.1 BILLION views) bring their favorite video games, their wacky humor, and their love of adventure to their debut full-color, jacketed hardcover, middle grade graphic novel.

The FGTeeV family gamers have played hundreds of games together. Which is why Moomy decides to make a new game called My Pet Fish. Just one problem: the game is SUPER boring. And one other problem: Moomy and Duddy accidentally got sucked into it -- and now they’re trapped!

It’s up to the kids, Lexi, Mike, Chase, and Shawn, to jump into the gaming console and rescue their parents. But first, they have to battle their way through their favorite games until they find the one their parents are stuck in. Can the kids take on a vicious pack of vampire prairie dogs, flying doody diapers, some spooky ghouls, and one incredibly dull fish before Moomy and Duddy are bored to death?

Press start on YouTube family FGTeeV’s awesome-packed adventure in this highly anticipated debut graphic novel.

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