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Full Moon Over Bourbon Street

Full Moon Over Bourbon Street

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Full Moon Over Bourbon Street

Miller, Matthew

The Gravediggers and friends thought that Ushaville had sucked all the horror out of their lives, but it looks like they find themselves in another hairy situation. They decide to buy a punk bar and go into business, but the customers look just a bit too furry. Well, that bites! As the people of New Orleans experience a change of attitude during the full moon, the Gravediggers must find an ancient, evil swamp witch, and convince her to give them the antidote. It's a howl of a scary time as the group of friends try to make the monsters sit, stay, and hopefully, roll over and play dead. Will the Gravediggers complete the transformation into heroes? Will they find the curse's cure? More importantly, will they ever find a bass player who doesn't die? 

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