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Gumbo: A Magical Bayou Tale

Gumbo: A Magical Bayou Tale

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Alexis Braud

Some may think gumbo is simply a delicious stew, but down in Cajun country locals know a gumbo is so much more. The magic of history, family tradition, local customs, and bayou seasoning meld to create a swirling wonder of flavor that enchants the senses and reminds us of home.

It is just such an aroma that entices George as he wanders through the bayou on a lazy afternoon. Charmed by the scent of a far-off gumbo drifting on the breeze, George follows his nose and meets the mystical Nanny, who seems right at home in the swamp under her ancient oak trees. There Nanny and George prepare a gumbo rich in music, stories, laughter, and Cajun secrets – for everything finds its way into a gumbo. As they dice, chop, and stir, she will teach him how to put together the most important of Cajun dishes and impart a few lessons about life along the way.

A simple gumbo recipe completes George’s bayou adventure and allows young readers (and parents) to sample a delectable bite of Cajun heritage.

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