Harry Potter Inspired Recipes for a Magical Party: Simple, Fun, and Magical Recipes

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Carter, Dennis

Harry Potter fans don't skip this cookbook because finally, you will be able to experience the magical story in true light! The best way to experience something is through aromas and flavors. These are the best memory triggers too. So, if you are planning a party don't forget to make Harry Potter meals yourself. This will give your home the final touch, one that will take you in the magical world.I wrote this cookbook because I found all the recipes to be the best for making a party. The recipes should be simple, not taking too much of your time. If they do you won’t have enough time to prepare everything else. So, get this book to have the best Harry Potter recipes, but with simplified prep and cooking process. Be the wizard who hosts the best parties. With this book, everything will be complete. Surprise your friends with your new skills and with recipes they badly wanted to try.

Get this book now:The best Harry Potter Recipes Appetizers Side Dishes Drinks Main Meals, and more Simplified cooking and prep process Great for people who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen too