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Her Dark Lies (Original)

Her Dark Lies (Original)

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Her Dark Lies (Original)

Ellison, J. T.

Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca meets Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley in this dark, intense, exotic thriller where nothing is as it seems, and after the lights go off, there are only three long, dark nights to figure out the truth. Fron the New York Times bestselling author of LIE TO ME and GOOD GIRLS LIE comes a modern spin on a classic tale.



Claire Hunter, an almost famous painter, is engaged to handsome, wealthy Max Compton. Their upcoming destination wedding in Italy is the talk of the town. People would kill for an invite. But someone has it in for Claire. She’s been receiving disturbing text messages with dire warnings—Max is not who you think he is. Claire ignores these warnings as someone jealous and out to ruin their wedding. But something about her beloved does bother her—why won’t Max talk about his dead wife?

Max and Claire’s wedding will take place on Isle Isola, the remote Italian island the Comptons have vacationed on for generations. When they arrive on the island, they are greeted with a terrible finding, the skeletal remains of a former island resident, missing for many years.

Max’s warm, loving parents, Anna and Brice Compton, step in to help Claire feel more at ease and when her bridesmaids and family arrive, she is further comforted.

But the Comptons veil of secrecy is at an end. Their first night on the island, their wedding planner plunges down the main staircase and dies. Then wedding guests start to disappear, causing a cascade of terrible events.

The Comptons, Max included, swing into gear against these threats, but they aren’t telling Claire—or anyone—the whole truth. Claire realizes she doesn’t know Max. She doesn’t know him at all.

Can a public family have private secrets? Because the Comptons’ worst secrets are coming back to haunt them, and Claire Hunter is the only one who can unravel decades of lies.

But Claire has more than a few secrets of her own, and she will go to the grave to make sure no one finds out the truth.


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