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If Bees Disappeared

If Bees Disappeared

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If Bees Disappeared

Williams, Lily

What would happen if bees disappeared? Find out in this fourth book in the award-winning If Animals Disappeared series that imagines the consequences of a world without bees.

The rolling hills and lush climate of Kent, England, are home to many creatures.

These creatures are fluffy, sneaky, spikey, and . . . small, like the bee.

Though bees are small, their importance is BIG. Today there are over 250,000 species of bees but all of them are in danger. Because of disease, pesticide exposure, lack of foraging habitats, and poor nutrition, entire honey bee hives are dying.

What would happen if bees disappeared completely?

Artist Lily Williams explores how such a loss would effect not just the bees' environment, but the world as a whole in this poignant, beautiful book about the importance of our most important bees.

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