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Marshes & Swamps (New & Updated Edition)

Marshes & Swamps (New & Updated Edition)

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Marshes & Swamps (New & Updated Edition)

Gibbons, Gail

An eye-catching, kid-friendly exploration of marshes, swamps, and the plants and animals that thrive there.

Introducing, the wetlands: unique ecosystems that are not only a home for an extensive amount of wildlife, but also a vital storage place for one of Earth’s most precious resources, water. What lives there? Find out in this simple yet extensive exploration of marshes and swamps and what they are, why they’re important, and the birds, fish, and wildlife that make it their homes.

Comparing and contrasting the different types of wetlands, Marshes & Swamps explores the basics of wetland formation, the differences between salt and freshwater ecosystems, and what types of plants and trees flourish in each.

Also included is an introduction to wetland conservation, a map of major swamp and marshlands in the United States, and a page of marsh and swamp facts. Perfect for elementary students, Marshes & Swamps will have you on the lookout for wetlands wherever you travel.

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