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Never, Not Ever!

Never, Not Ever!

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Never, Not Ever!

Alemagna, Beatrice

Anxious about starting school, Pascaline shrinks her parents (accidentally!) and then decides to bring them along to her first day--where instead of being a comfort, they drive her crazy!

Charming and laugh-out-loud funny, this irresistible first-day of school saga is going to be a repeat read!

Pascaline (a bat) DOES NOT WANT to go to school. It doesn't matter who else is going! She knows exactly what she doesn't want. "Never, Not Ever!" she shrieks loudly on the first day. So loudly, in fact, that something amazing happens and it changes everything.

Beatrice Alemagna is one of the most admired picture book illustrators of our time. With fans all over the world and books published in more than 13 countries, she uses art and story to explore the depths of children's feelings as few other illustrators have. Her colors, her characters' expressions, and her nontraditional self-taught style point to an inner playfulness and warmth that goes straight to the heart.

With Never, Not Ever! Beatrice Alemagna does something special--she shares both points of view--the parents and the children's--in a battle of wills.

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