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Not the Plan A Novel

Not the Plan A Novel

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Not the Plan A Novel

De Cadenet, Gia

An ambitious chief of staff risks her career and her heart when she falls hard for her new colleague in this steamy workplace romance from the author of Getting His Game Back.

Isadora Maris is damn good at her job. After nearly a decade in state politics, aggressive lobbyists and stonewalling senators are no match for her diplomacy and unflappable commitment to her principles. If all goes according to her meticulous plan, she’ll soon be managing her boss’s successful campaign for U.S. representative and she'll finally land her dream role: congressional aide in Washington, D.C., where she can really make a difference.
But Isadora’s cool professionalism is knocked off-kilter when she meets Karim Sarda. Karim is gorgeous, brilliant, and seems to share many of her ideals. So why’s he working for the California senate’s most detestable scumbag? Given their bosses’ fierce political rivalry, Isadora deems Karim off limits. She can’t tarnish her reputation by flirting with the enemy and she’s been betrayed enough times to keep people at a distance—no matter how flushed she feels whenever he enters the room.
Karim knows that struggle all too well: still processing the wounds from his former marriage, he’s ready for a fresh start. But Karim can’t hide his attraction to Isadora’s commanding presence. Her strength is captivating, even as he recognizes something fragile beneath the surface.
When Karim and Isadora succumb to their undeniable chemistry, their initial desire blossoms into something more—something real. But if Karim’s boss takes control of the California Senate, everything Isadora worked for could be destroyed. Will workplace politics shatter their chance at love before it even begins?

Story Locale:San Diego, California

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