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Pebble and Wren

Pebble and Wren

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Pebble and Wren

Hallbeck, Chris

A little girl and her live-in monster learn about what makes them different—and what unites them. This graphic novel is a silly, sweet, and sometimes gross tribute to friendship, and to the wacky world we live in.

Based on Chris Hallbeck's webcomic of the same name, Pebble and Wren follows human girl Wren and her live-in monster, Pebble, as she teaches them all about how the human world works — from why the moon changes shape to why we don't eat candy wrappers — while trying to unlock special abilities without which Pebble will have to return to the monster forest. A silly, sweet, and sometimes gross tribute to friendship for fans of Calvin and Hobbes and Catwad.

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