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Power of Timing: Living in Harmony with Natural and Lunar Cycles

Power of Timing: Living in Harmony with Natural and Lunar Cycles

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Power of Timing: Living in Harmony with Natural and Lunar Cycles

Poppe, Thomas

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO LIVING IN BLISSFUL HARMONY WITH NATURAL AND LUNAR RHYTHMS - A LANDMARK INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERYou've probably always known that the moon's rhythms affect the world in certain ways - the ebb and flow of the tides, the most beneficial times to plant and harvest - but are you aware of its influence on virtually all the important areas of your daily life? If not, you're not alone.Effortless weight loss and control - without yo-yo effect * Speedy, scarfree recovery after planned surgeries * Body care, beauty care and anti-aging the natural way * Effortless housekeeping with long-lasting effects * Green building and renovating with enduring results * Organic and sustainable gardening, farming and forestry with less toil, more fun and results to be proud of: The list of benefits does not stop here! Caught your attention?In The Power of Timing, authors Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe reintroduce an ancient wisdom and give a straightforward promise: All of that list and more will happen if you start to apply a few basic principles of timing in your life. Principles our ancestors adhered to for millennia. It works, it doesn't cost a thing and the only investment is a little patience. Promised.Don't worry: No complicated recipes here. In concise, easy-to-understand language, the book offers tips and advice that will help you make the best decisions in almost everything. The Power of Timing will prove to be an invaluable resource in your quest to live a happier, more harmonious life. Johanna Paungger grew up with this knowledge from day one, as the daughter of a Tyrolean mountain farmer family. She and Thomas Poppe are among the best-selling authors in Germany, where the German-language edition of this book has sold nine million copies to date and has been translated into 25 languages and. A success without any advertising, only by word-of mouth.Even though there is little evidence today that the individual person has any influence on the recovery of the world, every little action, but above all, each good thought, counts. It can have a much deeper and immediate effect than big gestures or big empty words. Many people have begun to live more wisely and with reason and moderation. They experience what joy, serenity and inner peace are possible when leading a self-sufficient life that is free and incorruptible. It is deeply satisfying to protect our fellow humans and our environment, not as a lifestyle fraught with imposed ideology and fake morals, but with a clear comprehension of the actual nature of mankind. Namely, that we were created for each other, not against each other. In doing so, the Power of Timing, our common inheritance, can move us a big step into the future.

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