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Queen Bee

Queen Bee

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Queen Bee

Howard, Amalie

A teen girl seeking retribution against her backstabbing former best friend finds her plans slightly derailed once she catches the eye of a familiar, handsome marquess. Bestselling author Amalie Howard delivers a delightful, anti-historical Regency-era romp that’s Bridgerton meets The Count of Monte Cristo!

Lady Ela Dalvi knows the exact moment her life was forever changed—when her best friend, Poppy, betrayed her without qualm over a boy, the son of a duke. She was sent away in disgrace, her reputation ruined.
Nearly three years later, eighteen-year-old Ela is consumed with bitterness and a desire for . . . revenge. Her enemy is quickly joining the crème de la crème of high society while she withers away in the English countryside.

With an audacious plan to get even, Ela disguises herself as a mysterious heiress and infiltrates London’s elite. But when Ela reunites with the only boy she’s ever loved, she begins to question whether vengeance is still her greatest desire.
In this complicated game of real-life chess, Ela must choose her next move: Finally bring down the queen or capture the king’s heart?

Story Locale:London, England

Series Overview: Joy Revolution, an extension of Delacorte Press, is a BIPOC YA imprint cofounded by New York Times bestselling authors Nicola and David Yoon. Joy will tell stories with people of color as their heroes, each searching for love and living their lives on their own terms. It is a safe haven for readers to celebrate the full breadth of their humanity.

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