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Role-Playing Games

Role-Playing Games

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Role-Playing Games


A magical quest awaits you and your little adventurer in this introduction to Role Playing Games.

Classic games for playful babies—initiate baby’s first quest in Gamer Baby: Role-Playing Games!

A roll of the die could mean you cross a river . . .

while a different roll could mean you fall in!

But with friends, help is never far away.

With this adorable baby book, it’s never too early for your little gamer to roll for initiative! Simple descriptions of RPG—from the Game Master to saving throws—and vibrant characters make role-playing games exciting and easy for all ages.

Create a unique character with special powers, interests, and strengths. Then look out for dragons, and protect members of your party!

A glossy cover and delightful details throughout make this little board book perfect for baby showers or first story times. This collaborative game of chance will have your little ones rolling Nat 20’s in no time! So prepare for your first campaign and remember: You’ll meet magical creatures and pick up skills along the way.

From Starry Forest Books, Gamer Baby invites little ones to play and discover adventurous new skills.

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