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Cleary, Beverly

Socks and his need for affection are help celebrate Beverly Cleary’s 99th birthday!

For years, readers have delighted in this humorous novel about a cat that must learn to share his owners with their newborn baby. Now, with a fresh look from Jacqueline Rogers (who has also illustrated the books about Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, and Ralph S. Mouse), Socks will attract a whole new generation of readers!

Socks is one happy cat. He lives the good life with his affectionate owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bricker. Ever since the day they saved him from a life spent in a mailbox drop slot, Socks has been the center of their world. And he always has everything he needs—tasty kitty treats and all the lap room he could want!

But when a new baby arrives, suddenly the Brickers have less and less time for Socks. Little Charles William is the one getting all the attention. Socks feels left out—and to show it, he starts getting into all sorts of trouble! What will it take to make Socks realize just how much the Brickers care about him?

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