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Solid, Liquid, Gassy! (a Fairy Science Story)

Solid, Liquid, Gassy! (a Fairy Science Story)

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Solid, Liquid, Gassy! (a Fairy Science Story)

Spires, Ashley

Fairy scientist Esther is experimenting with the water cycle in this enchanting STEM-and-magic-filled follow-up to Fairy Science, a picture book from the award-winning author-illustrator of The Most Magnificent Thing!

When a pond dries up, fairy scientist Esther doesn’t freeze under the pressure. She and her friends go full steam ahead for to make a scientific discovery!

Bestselling author Ashley Spires (The Most Magnificent Thing) creates a charming primer to the water cycle. Includes an at-home water experiment for the budding scientist in your house!

Series Overview: Second picture book signed up in a two-book series (book 1, Fairy Science pubs 9/10/2019). Same characters, but each book can be read independently.

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