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Spring Is Here: A Bear and Mole Story

Spring Is Here: A Bear and Mole Story

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Spring Is Here: A Bear and Mole Story

Hillenbrand, Will

Excited that spring has finally arrived, Mole tries - unsuccessfully - to wake up Bear to celebrate, but then he comes up with the perfect plan.

Mole can smell that spring is in the air, but Bear is still asleep after his long winter nap!

Excitedly he taps on the window and knocks on the door—he even tries playing a trumpet to wake his friend so they can celebrate together. But Bear keeps snoozing.

But Mole is determined, so he milks and gathers and bakes a special springtime surprise for his friend—the perfect way to wake up!

A perfect read-aloud, full of simple sound-words and lots of repetition, Spring is Here is ideal to share with young readers to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Cozy mixed-media illustrations of big, fuzzy, dozing bear and his eager mole friend add detail and humor to the tale.

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