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Stick Dog

Stick Dog

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Watson, Tom

Now available in paperback! Fans of Wimpy Kid and Big Nate, get ready to laugh at this top-selling middle grade highly illustrated novel about hungry pups who steal a hamburger.


With the humor of Big Nate and Wimpy Kid comes a new middle grade hero, this time with four legs, a wet nose, and an insatiable appetite. Along with his four dysfunctional friends, Stick Dog embarks on an epic quest to steal a hamburger. Told with hilarious illustration and pitch-perfect humor, Stick Dog is destined to be top dog.

When Stick Dog’s quest for hamburgers turns out to be more difficult than he ever could have imagined, he challenges his friends to come up with a master plan. Their unconventional solutions range from jumping off a cliff to stealing a car. Whatever it takes, these dogs are absolutely determined to have burgers for dinner.

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