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Super Detectives (Simon and Chester Book #1)

Super Detectives (Simon and Chester Book #1)

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Super Detectives (Simon and Chester Book #1)

Atkinson, Cale

A ghost and a kid team up to solve mysteries and kick butt! A hilarious new graphic novel series for fans of Bad Guys and Dog Man.

Welcome to the world of Simon and Chester, ghost and boy duo extraordinaire.

They like to kick butt and take names.

They don’t like chores.

They are best friends.

And they are about to solve the MYSTERY OF A LIFETIME.

(Oh, and eat some snacks probably.)

Join Simon and Chester in their first adventure, and fall in love with this hilarious odd couple by fan favorite author and illustrator Cale Atkinson.

Series Overview: Simon and Chester are totally normal best friends…except that Simon is a ghost! Follow their hilarious exploits in this not-to-be-missed early graphic novel series.

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