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Tea for Two

Tea for Two

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Tea for Two

A boiling hot card game for your tea party!

To do battle, you and your opponent simultaneously flip over the top card of your decks. If you reveal the higher card, you can either:

• Apply the effect of the card
• Buy a card to power up your deck!

Then do it again!

Collect Hourglasses, Tarts, and try to keep your hands on the Pink Flamingo! Your deck evolves as you play. Recruit wisely to win the game!


50 Character Cards
1 Pink Flamingo Tile
5 Objective Tiles
2 Player Pawns
2 Teacup Tokens
5 Hourglass Tokens
9 Tart Tokens
1 Score Board
1 One-hand Pocket Watch Board

Ages: 10+
Players: 2
Game Length: 30 minutes

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