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The Complete ElfQuest Volume 4

The Complete ElfQuest Volume 4

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The Complete ElfQuest Volume 4

Pini,  Wendy

The latest collection of the classic fantasy series by Wendy and Richard Pini continues the canonical adventures of the Wolfriders. The tale takes a dark turn as the seductive Winnowill allies herself with a brutal human warlord, Grohmul Djun, fanning the flames of hatred for all “elf-demons” and setting the course for inevitable war between humans and elves.

This fourth volume of the New York Times best-selling series weighs in at 492 pages. It collects issues from ElfQuest: Hidden Years (#10-#15) and the ElfQuest: Shards saga (#1-#16). Feast your eyes on elegant art from Wendy Pini and others.

Series Overview: Collects ElfQuest: Hidden Years issues #10-15 & ElfQuest: Shards issues #1-16.

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