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The Complete ElfQuest Volume 6

The Complete ElfQuest Volume 6

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The Complete ElfQuest Volume 6

Pini, Wendy and Richard

The classic high fantasy series featuring elves battling humans, protecting their forest home, testing friendships, and time traveling adventures.

This new treasury of the classic fantasy series by Wendy and Richard Pini collects deeper cuts of canonical backstories and Wolfrider essentials. Discover how humans, looking to escape their own barren lands, invade Bearclaw’s forest and cause unseen disaster for the elves. Also collected are stories showcasing the deep bond of brotherhood between Cutter and Skywise. Whether hatching a plan to steal treasure from the Troll King, or dealing with magical madness that reverts one of them to feral wolf-mind, adventure is never far away from these two!

This sixth volume of the New York Times best-selling series weighs in at over 500 pages. It collects short stories and full series including Wolfrider, Homespun,Troll Games and Soul Names, The Heart’s Way, Jury, Wolfshadow, Full Circle, Searcher and The Sword, and The Discovery.

Series Overview: Wolfrider (168 Pages), Homespun (8 pages), Troll Games and Soul Names (46 Pages), The Heart’s Way (14 Pages)

Jury (16 pages), Wolfshadow (48 Pages), Full Circle (44 Pages), Searcher and The Sword (92 Pages), The Discovery (120 Pages)

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