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The Last Catastrophe Stories

The Last Catastrophe Stories

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The Last Catastrophe Stories

Hyde, Allegra

A hopeful, speculative short story collection about how humanity grapples in a world transformed by climate change.

“Dazzling, inventive, and glinting with dark humor.” —Alexandra Kleeman, author of Something New Under the Sun

A vast caravan of RVs roams the United States. A girl grows a unicorn horn, complicating her small-town friendships and big city ambitions. A young lady on a spaceship bonds with her AI warden while trying to avoid an arranged marriage. In Allegra Hyde’s universe nothing is as it seems, yet the challenges encountered in these pages mirror those we face in our modern age. Spanning the length of our very solar system, the fifteen stories in this collection explore a myriad of potential futures through the concept of “global weirding,” planetary and social disruptions due to climate change. In unexpected and genre-defying ways, this revelatory collection reminds us that our world is precious, and that protecting it has the potential to bring us all together.
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