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The Saints of Lost Things

The Saints of Lost Things

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The Saints of Lost Things

Lawler C.H.

Louisiana, 1965, and an unlikely, inevitable couple. Sammy Teague and Betsy Duplechain have grown up right next door to each other, but in different worlds, with expectations and circumstances that have always kept them separate. Now, as a powerful September hurricane bears down on the Louisiana coast, those worlds will come face to face. The choices they make will send them on an odyssey north and into the fall of 1965, as the brutal and envious sheriff Percy Parris pursues them. Along the way they meet an unusual and eclectic series of people who help them become more than what they were. As fall turns to winter, their lives will change forever in the wake of a storm named Betsy. The Saints of Lost Things is a story of love, hope, and perseverance, and envy and bitterness. And the remarkable power of kindness.

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