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The Worlds Best National Parks in 500 Walks

The Worlds Best National Parks in 500 Walks

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The Worlds Best National Parks in 500 Walks

Morton, Mary Caperton

An inspiring and practical reference guide for hikers of all abilities who want to explore the world’s national parks.

Ever since Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872 as the world’s first national park, the movement to preserve natural landscapes and habitats has spread to every continent. The World’s Best National Parks in 500 Walks is the perfect inspiration for every explorer, from the armchair traveler to the veteran hiker, with full-color photos and vivid descriptions of some of the world’s most spectacular hiking trails. Helpful tips on navigating the routes, planning your trips, and preparing for encounters with wildlife will have you lacing up your boots and strapping on your backpack, whether it’s for a short weekday stroll or a multiday expedition on the world’s most breathtaking trails.

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